Wooden Crates have been used to store our stuff for ages. Sure, over the years there have been storage bins created from other materials, but nothing gives a warmer, more aesthetically pleasing look to a room and is more practical, than a wooden crate. They can serve multiple purposes, as well as match easily with your furniture and they look great in any room.

TGC Wooden Crate

Here are some ways you can use your wooden crate:


  1. Book Case or Magazine storage

Wooden Crates are the ideal size to store and display your books. Regular bookshelves are huge and can take up a lot of your wall space. Wooden Crates can go almost anywhere in your home and they will properly hold and display your books for all to see.


  1. Wine Carrier

Nothing holds bottles of wine and displays better in your kitchen or cellar than wooden crates. Your friends will be impressed when they see you walking out with a nice wooden crate stocked full of bottles of your favorite wines. It will seem like you never left the vineyard!


  1. Kids Toy Storage

Getting tired of stepping on your kid’s toys? They need something cool and easy to put their dolls, action figures, games and cars in. Wooden crates are perfect because of the space and support they offer along with how easy they are to decorate. They are also easy to carry around, so your kid will never be far, and their toys won’t be left on the ground.


  1. Gardening Supply Storage

No one likes to have a messy garage or shed. Never leave your tools scattered again by putting them all into a wooden crate. They are ideal for dirty supplies and being in a garage or shed because they are built to last for a very long time.


  1. Camping

Whether you are camping, fishing or doing some outdoor activity, you can use crates as a decorative or functional  storage and carrying container. Select the theme from our portfolio.


Are you looking for a crate to try out one of these ideas? Consider TGC Artisan’s line of artisan crates!

TGC Artisan’s uses Baltic Birch plywood which is an extremely stable material. We have constructed a solid design with this quality wooden material. Our design eliminates slat openings which in turn, prevents materials from falling out.

Baltic Birch plywood is used immensely by European Cabinetmakers and it’s no secret why. It is only made from top-quality birch veneers laminated together with no filler wood. Its edges are also finished, the voids are indistinguishable and it doesn’t warp.

Our crates come assembled and have a dust cover included. All crates also come unfinished, so you can stain it to match the décor theme of your home.


TGC Artisan’s — Artisan seats, Artisan crates and Artisan stakes!


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